martedì 28 luglio 2015

Andiam, andiam, andiamo a pitturar....

Dear Reader,

almost two weeks have gone and it's time to show you a bit of what we've being doing this whole time...
after we came back from London and the raw structure of the house was assembled we braced ourselves and - brushes at hand - started painting.

Here a huge thank you to our parents and friends who came to help us: it were two exhausting but great weeks, we wouldn't have make it without your support!!

This whole time we never managed to be back home before dark, and at night I was so utterly tired that even thinking about updating the blog was insane ;-) Today we finally managed to slow down a bit and be home for dinner time... :-) and so, here some first pictures of these days!! 

We all got at work at the beginning of Montage week 2 (July 13):

And soon the first results were visible:

Die Farbe finde ich sehr passend und absolut wunderschön! It got darker after a couple of days, slightly more brownish. We love it and the 'warm white' we use as contrast (windows, roof, etc) seems just the perfect combination :-)

The work continued...

Here our working tools...

And here our small evening boost... ;-)

In the meanwhile, our Montageteam heros, Tilo, Jörg, Mike, Thomas, and Gunther went on building walls, roof and terrace elements...

And this was the result at the end of week 2:

And here mid week 3, with even some 'white' on the windows!!

Soweit wurde die ganze rote Oberfläche zweimal gestrichen. Wir haben auch zwei Drittel der Fenster geschafft, plus eine erste Hand weisse Farbe am Unterdach...

There is still work to do, but we're happy we managed a large bulk of painting :-) I'd never though you could actually paint a whole house with just a couple of small brushes (vier 7cm Pinsel plus einige 2.5cm und 3cm...!!!) but yes, it can be done. And - as exhausting as it was - the whole process had a kind of relaxing, meditative effect.. ;-) There's no better way to start connecting with your house (and to realise how much work it takes to build one!!)

In addition to painting, last week it was also time for Holger together with a colleague of him and some of our precious friends (thank you guys!!) to install the raw electrical system. I'll upload a few pictures in the next post and show you how the house looks like inside now :-)

But first, I wish you a relaxing evening and a good night of sleep - I surely need one!! ;-)

Rest well and take care,

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