giovedì 16 luglio 2015

Rot, Rosso, Red...

...time to reveal in which colour our house will be dressed!! ;-)

We actually always thought our house would be red. Or better, a classic combination of red and white. Grey was also an option, it would have been nice as well, but somehow looking at the landscape and neighbor houses we felt that a red house would be the best choice there.

So. This is it. Red. The next step was: what red? Our Bauleiter gave us some samples from which to chose. This was the starting point:

Yes, my thought exactly: how many 'reds' are there???? :-| The funny thing with colours - at least for me as absolute layman - is that the more you try to engage with them, the more confused you get.

After some studying and reflecting on the samples above, we decided that no one of those reds was the right one (!!) and that we had to get a bit more informed on how all this reddish variety comes to exist in the first instance. So we get acquainted with the Natural Colour System or NCS:

This system allows to shape colours on four axes on a 10%-stepwise progression. The axes define  proportions between blackness and chromaticness as well as the closeness to the four basic colours yellow, red, green, and blue.

Just to say: if you have to decide about a color concept for your house, I strongly suggest you play around with this system (there are plenty of apps that helps with this, like the Kaba Farbe App).

Playing around with these tools, we finally arrived to a selection of colours: three different reds plus a 'warm white' to match the windows and the main door and a 'granit grey' for the roof tiles:

On Tuesday we then painted the sample colours on the wall (the first red on the right was added by our Bauleiter :-) ):

We looked at them from different perspectives, with sun, in the shade... the final decision was tough, but at the end we went for the second red from the left: NCS S 5040-Y90R. The white, which you can also see in the sample above (window frame) is NCS S 0502-Y. We use Jotun paint for both colours.

We're now in the process of painting the whole house. I'll show you in the next post how these colours work on the big surface!!!! ;-)

Stay happy and enjoy these sunny days,

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