sabato 4 luglio 2015

Ready to welcome the house!!

Dear Reader,

the past days have being filled with lots of work, long evenings, and some hectic and stressful moments...which is to say: everything as it should be!! ;-)

The goal of the week was to get land and basement ready to welcome the house, which should arrive next Tuesday!!

Quite a lot of work went into the basement insulation, drainage, canalization, water and telephone connections, earthing and backfilling.

Two days ago we got the water connection activated!!

Some tensions within the Kellerbau working team - probably accentuated by the 35°C temperature!! - caused a bit of delay... My tireless and beloved Holger worked then side by side with Herr Bucher from Bucher & Emmenegger to compensate and get the work schedule back on track (I ..ehm..helped as I could as well...but man! are all those pipes and working tools heavy!!)

We can now say that we've already contributed some sweat and blood to our house! ;-) My hero!!


Here a huge Thank You to Daniel, who really saved the day by working under a merciless sun the whole day long and the weekend as well to get the job done, without ever losing his carefulness and love for details, you did a great job!!

And here is the final result:

Yesterday evening for the first time we could walk around the house and see how (more or less) our garden will look like... it was a great moment, and we couldn't have enough of just staying there on our land and enjoy every bit of it ;-) A few minutes past eight thirty pm we could still enjoy the last bit of sun on our future garden:

Now that everything is ready we can't wait for the house to come. In three days.

Till the next post, take care and and enjoy this warm sun dear Reader,

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