venerdì 12 giugno 2015

Aushub 3

After the Corpus Domini break the excavation works have moved on the whole week long. It was necessary to add a few tons concrete wall in the pit to keep everything together, and this took a couple of extra days... however our Aushübler, Herr Bucher from Bucher & Emmenegger, did an excellent job with the retaining wall while optimizing resources, here a big thank you!

The excavation is now almost done. Here you can see how it developed during the week:

Once the natural soil floor was prepared, some tons of coarse gravel were used to create a nice, cosy 'bed' for our house:

It starts looking cosy, does it? ;-) Today we could even start walking on the boundaries of our future house and entryway!! (well, with some imagination...) :-)  Next week it should be ready for the floor slab. Can't wait!!!

Have a lovely weekend Dear Reader,
All best,

2 commenti:

  1. Nice work so fare. It's really interesting to see the progress you make. How about a time lapse recording of the building process?
    Anyway .. I wish the two of you all the best!


  2. Hi Cami!! :-) Thank you for your comment!

    Time-laps recording..would be nice, I'm afraid we don't have a video camera, maybe we can do something with pictures though...? We'd need someone who's good with cameras... ;-)

    All the very best to you!!