1 Nov 2015: Wir sind eingezogen!!!! :-) :-) :-) We moved in!!!! 

9 Jul 2015: Das Dach ist geschlossen - Il tetto è completato!

7 Jul 2015: Das Haus ist gekommen: Montage anfängt - La casa è arrivata: inizia il montaggio

17 Jun 2015: Aushub fertig - completati gli scavi.

2 Jun 2015: Spatenstich: Iniziano i lavori!

5 Mar 2015: Die Baubewilligung ist angekommen! Abbiamo il permesso di costruzione!

Feb 2015: Firmato il contratto per la terra! Das Land ist gekauft! 

Jan 2015: Bank is chosen, Finanzierung gesichert. And the Baugesuch (richiesta per il permesso di
                    costruzione) is submitted!

Dec 2014: We planned and chose our kitchen and Cheminée, and I already love them!!

Oct 2014: Meetings with banks: starting to compare offers.

Aug 2014: The house plan is completed: a huge thank you to Herr Fortenbach, who created just the
                      right house for us and for the (not so easy to build on) land!

Jul 2014: After a long waiting, we can finally reserve the land!!!

Jun 2013: First meeting with Frank and Herr Alfons at the land.

May 2013: We find our land! But it's not clear if/when we can actually have it...

Apr 2013: First meeting with Rörvikshus - and a very good feeling: now we know: it'll be a

2012: Alla ricerca di un pezzetto di terra...die Suche nach einem Stückchen Land fängt an.

2011: We begin thinking about (read: dreaming of) a own place to call home.. collecting
            catalogues and getting acquainted with the Swiss real estate market.

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