domenica 27 settembre 2015

Cornice mouldings & garage door

Dear Reader,

hope you had a cosy and lovely start into the new Season, here any sign of Summer is gone and we are now enjoying the first Autumn mist, colder evenings, and a few still tentative sparkles of yellow and braunish... :-) I love all Seasons, what we all the variety of characters, atmospheres, and colours you have, and I always appreciate Autumn for its introspective and longing character, its colder temperatures and warmer colours...This is the time - after the extrovert Summer nights - when you appreciate again the safe warmth and cosiness of your home at the end of each day.

For us this year this is a time of change and new beginnings, our already beloved Schwedenhaus has now entered the final building stage and it will soon be ready to welcome us!!

Four weeks to go till moving, and we're all on edge to see if we'll make it on time ;-) and if everything will work smoothly in this last, hectic phase. I've started to sort out my gardrobe yesterday, today we'll start with the boxes in the cellar, the electrical installation is almost completed, and the Rörvikshus team is working on high gear to complete the plaster work.

Here how the house looked yesterday evening, Lange has begun to install our cornice mouldings (Orac CB501)...I find them beautiful, they really change the character of a room...

As you see almost all walls are whitish by now: has they explained to us, the plaster work is done in more stages, to achieve an always finer and smoother result. In the last stage they mix a tiny bit of white paint with the primer, so that it is then easier to find out all the tiny spots that are not yet 100% perfect. These are then highlighted (with a pencil!) and improved. This is really a huge work and it requires highly developed handcraft and's fascinating to see the boys at work, how with seemingly effortless moves they create a perfectly smooth - almost velvety surface!! :-)

Since this week we also have a garage door!!! Unfortunately I only managed to get a late evening picture.. ;-) the door really looks beautiful, is crafted in solid wood and painted with the same white as the outer house facade (NCS 0502-Y).

Here a last picture of the evening atmosphere at the house...I so much can't wait to see the final result and be able to move there!!! It would be great to celebrate my birthday (Nov 3rd) this year in the new house...let's see if we can make it happen! ;-) After a few more days of break, next week it will be time for painting and flooring!!

All for today dear Reader, wish you a cosy Sunday. 
Take care,

martedì 15 settembre 2015

Innenausbau & Umgebungsgestaltung

Dear Reader,

over three weeks have gone since my last update, and it's definitely time to catch up with the latest developments! ;-)

After I came back from Manchester, we first had few more work done on the heating system. Then there was a long break, where our House just stood there, still and unchanging...last week finally the second Rörvikshus team, which is in charge of the interior construction, arrived :-) :-) :-) and now things are again moving on quickly!!

Not just that: last week our Aushübler and now Gartengestalter Daniel also started working on the first couple of stone walls we need to keep the garden in shape! :-)

So, brace yourself for quite a few new pictures, here are the last developments at the Waldhus!! :-)

First: remember the open walls I show you in the last post, with all the electrical cables and water pipes still visible?? Well, that's history! While I was still in Manchester all the walls were nicely closed, which completely changed the look and feel of the house: suddenly I couldn't help but start thinking of how soon I should be packing, and where I'd like to have which piece of furniture!!!

The floor heating was then installed in the first floor:


And last week then the Spachtelarbeit began - that is all the grouting, filling in, and leveling work that needs to be done before painting. This is how the interior looks like right now:

Doesn't it already look cosy?? ;-) Next we'll have to decide about which colour we want for the walls...'next' meaning tomorrow at latest!!!! And I still have no clue of what I actually want/what colour could fit the atmosphere I'd like to!!! :-( :-(

Well..that's my task for the next 48 hours... moving on with pictures: we also worked on the cellar in the past days, and began painting the HWR (utility room): here the first white stroke after the green priming coat:

And here how it looked like an hour later :-) :

We (read: Holger together with our friend Martin!) then installed the enclosures for the electronic equipment (Elektrokasten & EDV). I was worried at the beginning about the amount of cables we had there, but I must say at the end the whole thingie looks much more organized (and colourful, although you can't see it really from the pictures) and much less scary than I thought!! ;-)

The fine tuning is still work-in-progress, and Holger is taking much care in keeping everything well-organized and easy accessible :-)

Just for the sake of record: I also offered my contribution to our electrical home system weeks ago.... ;-) weit so gut for what concerns the interior I mentioned earlier, there was also some movement in the garden.. :-) well, Holger and I had first to work hard cleaning up, taking out trash and moving material all around to 'prepare the ground'. Then, last week, Daniel arrived with his excavator and with a few tons of niiiiiice quartz sandstone from the Pilatus region:

And soon a first piece of dry stone wall was built!! Looking at Daniel's adroit control and precision in moving and placing stones with his excavator was really fascinating!!

Two days later, the left side of the wall was also erected. The walls are not completed yet, but for the first time we can now PARK in our driveway!! :-) :-) :-)

And since we're now already in the garden, I can well show you some closer shots of our lovely house door and (not yet painted...err...) veranda, which I find so very welcoming!! :-) :-) :-)


I'll soon have to start looking for house bell, post box, and lamps!! :-) Siiiii!!!!

Soo, that's all for now. The rest of the week the house work will again experience a few days break, then next week will it be time for painting, completing the excavation work for the electrical connection in the garden, and the garage door and maybe even the fire place should arrive!! Six weeks till moving, and still so much to be done!! I don't even start thinking about packing and cleaning...ugh!! ;-)

I wish you a nice week dear Reader,
take care and write to you soon,