giovedì 25 giugno 2015

Cantina - Keller!!!!

Dear Reader,

How quickly can you build a house basement....??

Die Bodenplatte war bis gestern Abend genug getrocknet: heute konnten die Kellerbauer weiter machen...

That's the first thing I saw when I arrived at the land after work:

Wow!! What's going on there?? Let's come closer...

Wait! Is that...our basement??? La nostra cantina è già stata montata? In un giorno!!

Und ja, da ist unser Keller :-) Und Alle sind noch fleissig am Arbeiten, um Punktfundamente zu fixieren, Rohren zu verlegen, Kellerdecke armieren...

The first walk in our basement ;-)

There will be a stair at some point:

A very long working day...die Fussbodenheizung (floor heating system) wurde am Abend auch noch verlegen:

And so the day came to an end...this was such a quick move, I'd never thought I'd see a basement growing up like this in a day...yes, walls and ceiling still have to be filled with fluid concrete.. but this is a job for tomorrow ;-)

Tante nuove impressioni it's time to sleep and rest, and maybe dream of our new first piece of house ;-) ;-) ;-)

Buona notte,

mercoledì 24 giugno 2015

Bodenplatte - Platea

Dear Reader

last week Mr. Bucher completed our excavation works. After a break of a few (rainy) days, a new team arrived this Monday to build our basement...

Hier sieht man die fertige Baugrube. Die Sauberkeitschicht wurde mit Kies 0/100 vorbereitet:

On Friday some material arrived for the basement:

Montag früh waren die Kellerbauer schon fleissig an der Arbeit:

Hier die Armierung der Bodenplatte, die Erdung fehlt noch:

Und am Dienstag war die Bodenplatte schon gegossen!!!

Jetzt warten wir, dass die Bodenplatte trocknet. Morgen sollen die Kellerwände montiert werden :-)

It's amazing to see your house growing small piece after small piece... :-) We could spend hours daily  at the land..who'd thought that a hole and a concrete floor slab could be soooooo interesting??? ;-)

I'll update you with more pictures once the basement is done!
Stay happy and take care,

venerdì 12 giugno 2015

Aushub 3

After the Corpus Domini break the excavation works have moved on the whole week long. It was necessary to add a few tons concrete wall in the pit to keep everything together, and this took a couple of extra days... however our Aushübler, Herr Bucher from Bucher & Emmenegger, did an excellent job with the retaining wall while optimizing resources, here a big thank you!

The excavation is now almost done. Here you can see how it developed during the week:

Once the natural soil floor was prepared, some tons of coarse gravel were used to create a nice, cosy 'bed' for our house:

It starts looking cosy, does it? ;-) Today we could even start walking on the boundaries of our future house and entryway!! (well, with some imagination...) :-)  Next week it should be ready for the floor slab. Can't wait!!!

Have a lovely weekend Dear Reader,
All best,

mercoledì 3 giugno 2015

Aushub 2

Dear Reader,

here again a few pictures from the excavation works. It's impressive how quickly such a huge hole comes to exist...we spent a couple of hours this evening again just starring at the land and the hardworking digger - today the hole was a good deal larger and deeper than yesterday:

As you see in the picture below, at the end some sandy soil emerged...we'll have to add a small retaining wall in the lower part to make sure everything holds as it should!

Let's see how it developed in the next days...mid or end of next week it should be ready for the cellar...

In the mean time, here for you a first picture of our new friend, Bobby the Hawk:

He was checking our excavation works the all should look nice from its perspective.

I'll update you with some news and fresh pictures next week,
stay happy and enjoy this sunny weekend!

Aushub: iniziano gli scavi

Dear Reader,

I can finally update you with some first photos from what now really looks like a construction site! The works started yesterday early morning and went on diligently till late afternoon. This is how our land looked liked at the end of the day:

As expected, there wasn't much humus on the land, and  the tiny bit available is also filled with smaller and larger stones :-| we'll have to get some new one at a later point:

However, so far we found 'good' soil - at least in terms of excavations: a kind of clayey soil (mixed with lots of stones) that seems cohesive enough for us not to need extra retaining walls (which we were afraid of). And yet, no sign of groundwater so far, also good! There are still a couple of meters to go though, so let's keep fingers crossed and hope for the best today...

I'll update you hopefully tomorrow with some new pictures,
All best for now,