sabato 8 agosto 2015

Hausaufbau Week 5

Dear Reader,

as promised here a few pictures of the house from inside this time.

The walls are still open, but all electrical wires and water pipes have been prepared. Now we could even move our dinner table from the garage into what will be the future kitchen/dining room!!! :-)

This is were our kitchen will be (the white thingie there are pieces of the handrail for the terrace -- Holger's father painted all of them this week!!! Hero!!):

Here again the kitchen together with the (already furnished! ;-) ) dining room:

We even managed to organize a fridge and a coffee machine - although these are now located in what should become our built-in cabinet in the hall...

 Here 'my' living room section: the music corner!! :-) :-)

And here again an overview of the dining room/music corner from the stairs:

Indeed, Tilo and his team crafted a nice temporary staircase ;-) a bit steep yes, but much more comfortable than the ladder we had earlier!!

Here the first floor: staircase...

and allroom / Büro / Studio:

...when I managed to take some pictures of the other rooms, a couple of hours were gone and we were blessed with an awesome evening sun:

Back downstairs, with sun now :-) :-) :-)

In the mean time, the painting adventure continued on the outside.

And here are a few pictures of the house (and part of the yard) in its current state with morning...

and evening sun B-)

These Sommer evenings are lovely, I could spend the whole evening sitting on the scaffolding (we have no chairs yet!) and observing the house and landscape around... :-) More and more people stopped by these days to tell us how much they liked the house, how warm and cosy it looks...this always makes me smile, I also think the house looks gorgeous and already so welcoming - even with scaffolding and all!!!

Next: We still have some fine work to do with the colour (small revisions on windows mostly, these are sooo difficult to get neatly painted, they gave us more than a few headaches in the past days!) and then we'll be ready for next week, when the TiloTeam will be back to start closing the walls. 

Everything moves so fast now, we really have to be there everyday to make sure (fast) everything is realized according to plans. It is hard to keep track of all the decisions, communications, payments, and little and large works that need to be done! Also: I'm struggling with the last fine tuning of  lightining (kitchen & bath) and bathrooms design. But well, this all belongs to the game, and we're every day happy and grateful to be living this adventure :-)

I hope you also had a challenging but productive week;
Have a lovely Summer weekend and take care,

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