mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

La casa è arrivata!! :-)

Dear Reader,

almost two weeks has gone and so much has happened since the last post!! My apologies for not writing to you earlier: we had to leave for a few days to attend a lovely graduation ceremony in London; when we came back there was so much to work and discover and wonder at the house that all our time was spent there! ;-)

So now, let's try to sum up how things are developing...well, first: the house arrived last Tuesday as planned (actually the first trucks arrived on Monday evening!) :-) :-) :-) Tilo and his awesome team started working very early in the morning. When we arrived at the land at about 8am the first wall was already there:

Few minutes later, the second wall followed, and then the third one...

Piece after piece, all walls were brought into place with precision and care. It was an awesome moment and I am so grateful to have been able to witness it together with the people I love - here a big hug to my mom and dad, who're now already back in Italy! :-)

Noch vor der Mittagszeit konnten wir schon in unser Erdgeschoss spazieren gehen!!!! :-)

Und kurz danach sind die Innenwände aufgetaucht!!!


Here a first shot to our Sprossenfenster (windows with glazing bars): I love their warm, welcoming character...

And here is how the house looked like at the end of the Day 1: 

Amazing, isn't it? No wonder that the neighbours stopped to give a look the whole day long... :-) It doesn't often happen to see a house growing up like this!!!


Montage Days 2 and 3: Montaggio del primo piano e del tetto!

The second and third days of work went on at the same pace!! Unfortunately we had to leave for London - a long planned trip that couldn't be postponed - but fortunately my father-in-law came to check the process, take care of Tilo&Team (alias make sure they had enough to drink to survive the 36°C temperature!) and make sure we would receive a constant flow of pictures to keep us updated on the developments. And indeed: at the end of Day 2 the whole first floor was assembled...

...and on Day 3 the roof arrived...

I find the roof structure simply gorgeous...a shame we couldn't leave it open ;-) Days 4 & 5 were then dedicated to some more nitty-gritty work mainly on the roof:

At the end of the week the landscape of Schwarzenberg had a new full, beautiful house to show (obwohl noch in Rohbau!):

Can you spot our house? :-) :-) Che ne pensate? Trovo che la nuova casa si integri bene nel ist dann natürlich die Frage, wie das Haus am Ende aussehen wird, ohne Gerust und mit Farbe!!! :-)

So, this was the first week of Montage :-) I tell you, dear Reader, no picture can do justice to how the house feels and looks in reality...the beauty of the wooden structures and exactness with which they are assembled together, the spicy scent of wood, the blend of simplicity and elegance of the's beautiful, overwhelming, and inspiring. :-) We're still in the process, but we know we won't regret the choice of a wooden Schwedenhaus. Even half-done, it already feels so welcoming :-)

That's it for the report of the first week. One decision we had to make in those days was the colour (or better colour combination) for our house. But this is for another post!

Take care and have a lovely time,

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  1. Non vedo l'ora di vedere la casa finita!!! Tanta gioia in questa avventura!