venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

New Stairs: Le scale sono arrivate!!! Die Treppe sind da!!

Two weeks to go and today we could finally climb again up to our first floor: the stairs have been assembled!!

And what stairs they are!! Simply gorgeous, we couldn't stop staring at them and walking up and down to test their usability ;-) ;-) ;-)

Here for you a few pictures from today and yesterday, taken during the assembling process... the first takes on the stairs, from the cellar up to the first floor!! :-)

Even the workers were enthusiastic about the final result :-) and we're enthralled... the stairs are beautifully handcrafted, feel solid and look feathery light at the same time :-) just lovely!!

Time to go to bed dear Reader, the forelast week of house-building is almost starting, and we're every day more excited!!

Write to you soon,
have a good night,

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