martedì 27 ottobre 2015

La Cucina : Die Küche :-)

Dear Reader,

One week to go and finally the kitchen arrived!!

And not just that: We also managed to get electricity in the house, the terrace and balcony have been partly assembled, most doors are placed and several refinement works have been completed :-) :-) :-)

There is still much to do, in particular we don't have any bathroom ready yet (!!) and neither water no heating system are working!!

But hey, we still have five days to go!! ;-)

So first, here a few pictures of our new kitchen!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Here details of the ash wood cabinets...

And here in the evening, when we brought the first light in the house!! ;-)

The kitchen is a Lube Agnese, colour Camelia, with cinnamon quartz worktop :-)  I already love it and can't wait to start backing and cooking as soon as we're settled!! I also find the colours fit perfectly with the walls, windows, and floor. The whole room just feel soooo cosy and warm and ready to welcome friends and quality family time!!! ;-)

More pictures will hopefully follow in the next days, but first it's time for us to focus on packing and cleaning and moving and unpacking...

So much to do!! And of course with the best possible timing a cold caught Holger and me these days...!!! Aber was soll's...Kopf hoch and let's get the job done!

Write to you soon,
take care till then,

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