domenica 18 ottobre 2015

Il camino!! The first fire...

Dear Reader

this weekend has been quite intense and our house experienced a huge new step forward: we built our fireplace and for the first time we could have warmth and welcoming fire at our place!!

A fireplace or stove was a great wish of ours and a priority for the house ;-) After a long search our choice fell on an Italian wood stove from a company that has accompanied my childhood and youth: Palazzetti. :-) Open fireplaces, stoves, chéminé my family there has always been a Palazzetti (or two!!) to warm up cold winter evenings and bring light to Christmas Eve nights ;-)

To save on the budget we chose a model that would not require brick or stonwork, so that we could assemble the whole thing ourselves - with the help of some good friends! :-)

Despite the ca. 260kg of stove to move around, the whole process worked nicely and smoothely, and on Saturday evening we could enjoy our first fire - and start heating up the otherwise ice-cold house!!!!!

The most heavy part of our stove (130kg) - arrived at home safely thanks to Daniel's readiness to help and delicate touch with its excavator!! :-) 

Holger and its father did then a great job assembling the stove like professionals in a few hours!!!


And before dinner we could finally light our first fire!!!! :-) :-) :-) Il nostro primo fuoco!!!! 

Even a simple polystyrene block feels like a cosy couch with a well-placed fire!!!! :-) :-) And for the first time, we could enjoy our living room...

The stove works great and we could raise the temperature in the ground floor from nearly zero to an almost comfortable level ;-) We still have to paint the pedestal (right now it still looks greenish from the priming we gave) but the stove already fits the room very nicely. And best of all, we got a solid 15kw fireplace with plenty of place to admire the flames (from everywhere in the ground floor) and that we could assemble ourselves!! Sooooo proud of my men!!!! :-) :-) :-)

So, one more step done. No matter what, we're not going to freeze over in two weeks time... ;-) which is already a lot to say, given that we're still missing electricity...!!!

Have a good, warm night dear reader,

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  1. Hoi Ele
    Schön ist bei Euch geworden! Und der Kamin sieht super gemütlich aus- sehr schön in weiss ;-). Wegen dem Briefkasten, meiner ist von Flexbox und er ist ok wenn man ihn nicht abschliesst. Das Paketfach ist genug gross.Ganz liebe Grüsse conni