sabato 10 ottobre 2015

Farben, Colori, Colours...

Oh je!! Twenty days left till moving, and the work has now entered the final, hectic, exciting stage!!!

Steffen, "der Lange" alias Marco, and Paul are working long hours to get everything ready on time :-) and they're doing a fantastic job: every evening when I arrive at the house from the office is like a daily Christmas ;-) always something new, and every time it looks more gorgeous...I could stay there for hours just looking at every tiny detail in the freshly painted walls, the new flooring, the window frames... :-) :-) :-)

The big new events this week have been the flooring, the final electrical installations, the window frames, and of course the wall painting!!! :-) So here a few pictures, I'd love to know what you think of the colour choice, it took us many looong evenings to come up with a decision.

At the end the choice fell on three nuances from the Kabe Farben ( a hell beige/cream (KB 460) as main colour for the whole "day-time" part of the house (ground floor, stairs, and allroom), a warm greyish (KB 489) as basic colour for the bedrooms and a fresh, stimulating green (KB 275) as accent colour for two of the bedrooms...

My wish is to have a colourful, warm, and happy house...let's see if we're on the right route!!

Here the first day of painting, Steffen preparing the surface with tape and a first bedroom wall already painted...

 Here how it looked like a few hours later:

The flooring is now to be seen as well...I tell you, this deep structured oak surface is amazing to see and feel:

Here the accent colour in one of the rooms :-) :-) I ab-so-lutely love this green!!!

Here the other room with a beautiful view on the floor (and a glimpse of the other green wall):

The allroom in the first floor with the cream/beige painting:


A quick glance to the cellar, which also got a nice white coat...


And here finally the ground floor, also with the same cream/beige colour:

Have you noticed the nice white-line pattern along the corners?? We're happy we listened to Steffen and Marco's suggestion and we let them paint it like really looks much lighter and spacious and together with the cornice mouldings it creates an extremely cosy atmosphere!! :-) :-) :-)

At home we've started packing and sorting out stuff, still so much to get done before we can actually move, next week it is time for the stairs to come, can't wait!!!!

Have a great weekend dear Reader, I'll update you next week with new pictures!!
Take care,

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  1. Hi Ele
    Congrats, very nice colourings. All your posts are inspring and most of all very informative.
    Good luck for the next 3 weeks! Maggie

  2. äääh. I menat: ... most of all: (the're all) very informative. Sollte wohl besser auf deutsch schreiben :-)

  3. Liebe Maggie,
    thank you a lot for your nice words and wishes!!! :-) :-) I'm happy you like the colours, I myself I'm getting more and more in love with them every day! :-) Es wird immer schwieriger am Abend die Baustelle zu verlassen ..ich würde am besten heute noch einziehen!! ;-)
    Ganz liebe Grüsse & all best,