sabato 15 agosto 2015

Good Bye Schwedenhaus-Team

This was a hard weekend at the Baustelle. A large, important phase of the building process is coming to an end (which is great!) and that means it was time for me to say good bye to our Montageteam, Thomas, Jörg, Gunther, and Mike (Tilo wasn't here this week).

I say - it was time for me to say good bye - because our guys will stay here a week longer to continue working on the porch, terrace, attic, and walls, while I will have to leave (again!) for a working week in Manchester...

So the time came to shake hands.

Thank you so much guys, it was so great to get to know you, and to have you building our house. I like to think a tiny piece of your humor, sweat, music (!), and passion for your work will remain embedded in our home, and it will make it a bit more alive, and more comfortable.



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