mercoledì 3 giugno 2015

Aushub: iniziano gli scavi

Dear Reader,

I can finally update you with some first photos from what now really looks like a construction site! The works started yesterday early morning and went on diligently till late afternoon. This is how our land looked liked at the end of the day:

As expected, there wasn't much humus on the land, and  the tiny bit available is also filled with smaller and larger stones :-| we'll have to get some new one at a later point:

However, so far we found 'good' soil - at least in terms of excavations: a kind of clayey soil (mixed with lots of stones) that seems cohesive enough for us not to need extra retaining walls (which we were afraid of). And yet, no sign of groundwater so far, also good! There are still a couple of meters to go though, so let's keep fingers crossed and hope for the best today...

I'll update you hopefully tomorrow with some new pictures,
All best for now,

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