mercoledì 3 giugno 2015

Aushub 2

Dear Reader,

here again a few pictures from the excavation works. It's impressive how quickly such a huge hole comes to exist...we spent a couple of hours this evening again just starring at the land and the hardworking digger - today the hole was a good deal larger and deeper than yesterday:

As you see in the picture below, at the end some sandy soil emerged...we'll have to add a small retaining wall in the lower part to make sure everything holds as it should!

Let's see how it developed in the next days...mid or end of next week it should be ready for the cellar...

In the mean time, here for you a first picture of our new friend, Bobby the Hawk:

He was checking our excavation works the all should look nice from its perspective.

I'll update you with some news and fresh pictures next week,
stay happy and enjoy this sunny weekend!

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