martedì 10 marzo 2015

Moving on

Dear Reader

in the past days we've been doing quite a lot of looking, comparing, pondering, choosing...that's such an exciting stage!! We have the chance to choose all the different parts and components that are going to build our Schwedenhaus: tiles, floors, windows, German there is a nice word for it, 'Bemusterung', which I have no idea how to translate in English or Italian...maybe you have a good suggestion..??
Anyway, it's a great feeling, at times a bit overwhelming, but thanks to the help of many wonderful people around us we are enjoying this process deeply! :-)

So, here a first few bits of info and pictures..tiny hints about how our Waldhus should look like...

Let's start with the entrance. Here is how our main door will look like (unfortunately I couldn't find a better picture). The door is a NorDan Tvillingarna 992G:


The windows will be reeeeally sweedish, with a lovely glazing bars six-pack :-)

The bars are attached on the outer side of the window, and they are removable (goood for cleaning purposes!)

The windows are from Tanumsfönster, wooden windows with aluminumium clad, outwards opening, fully reversible:


 The color for the wooden house facade hasn't been chosen yet (although we have a strong tendency :-) but I won't spoil it yet!), but the paneling pattern will look like this:

With a few sections like this on the front: 


For the concrete roof tiles we already chose an anthracite colour:

So dear Reader, this is a first taste of the 'work' we're doing these days, the amount of details we can/have to choose is impressive, and in the next post I'll tell you about some harder decisions that we're confronting with in these days... :-)

Till then, a wish you a restful night and sweet (house)dreams.
Yours, Ele

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