domenica 15 marzo 2015

Baubewilligung and wood flooring

Dear Reader,

last Thursday we were gifted with two very welcomed packages. The first entailed the much awaited construction permit!!! Yuuuhuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to the Canton and the Municipality for processing our request so swiftly and smoothly! The permit arrived merely six weeks after submission and with almost no request (we'll just have to re-check the leaching system (Versickerung, drenaggio) to assure it is suitable to our terrain).

That's a great milestone, and we can now hopefully start digging in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!! (*Freude*)

In the second package we found a further sample of wooden flooring, kindly sent to us from HolzPeter....  now: do you remember dear Reader, I told you a month ago we were going to choose our flooring? We did, on Feb 18. Together with Frank from Rörvikshus we went to HolzPeter, by Leutkirch (Germany), close to the beautiful Lindau, were we were presented with several gorgeous oak wide plank floors. Friendly and competent consulting and very good value-for-money. :-)))

We found pretty quickly a flooring we liked, namely a smoked and brushed oak by HQ (oiled).

It's gorgeous, isn't it???
So, we thought that was done. However, back home, talking (/emailing) to other Rörvikshus owners we started to re-think about the different possibilities, and especially the difference between a brushed and a hand scraped flooring (sooo much you can learn while building a house! :-) ).
Last Saturday we then had the opportunity to visit Fam. Vincenti and their lovely Rote Karolina. We had a really great day - a huge THANK YOU for your warm hospitality, patience in answering all our questions, excellent spaghetti Bolognese and the lovely mini kaki tree!!!
There we could also touch with hand a hand scraped flooring and confirm that a this kind of wide plank really feels extremely comfortable and cosy.

Sooo after all this re-thinking, we asked HolzPeter to kindly send us a sample of a hand scraped oak to compare. And there: it arrived on Thursday. :-D This is a HQ London, natur oak, hand scraped and oiled.

This is the same floor you can admire by Kleine Lotta, and we find it simply gorgeous!!! The slight uneven surface (not so easy to see in this sample picture) feels robust, rustic, sincere and warm. We feel closer to the natural colour than to the smoked one (both beautiful but with quite different characters).

So, this we'll probably be our flooring at the end. We're going to have it everywhere in the house, except for the master bathroom. I confess I'm a bit worried how it'll work in the kitchen and guest bathroom, but so far I've got only positive feedback from the other Schwedenhaus owners :-))))
And really... the beauty, warmth, and comfort a wooden flooring offers is unbeatable... I'm so looking forward to lying on this parquet!!!! :-) hihi

So, maybe two last pictures for you today, my dear reader. Here you see the interior doors we've chosen (also from HolzPeter). The model is Kilsgaard 18/04, solid wood, and a very nice, classic design:

And here the door handle to accompany them (Hoppe Cardiff, here in the bathroom version):

That's it for today, I hope to write to you again soon with some news on our time schedule and some pictures of our bath tiles!!

Till then, take care,

2 commenti:

  1. Hej Ele,
    ich bin heute auf deinen Blog gestoßen und habe ihn gleich durchstöbert.
    Ich kann nur Positives über das HQ London Parkett berichten, selbst im Badezimmer ein Traum.
    Wir haben diesen Holzboden im ganzen Haus verlegt, außer im Hauswirtschaftsraum (HWR).
    Leider ist mein Englisch nicht so gut, deshalb schreibe ich in Deutsch, hoffe das ist in Ordnung.
    Ich freue mich auf Neuigkeiten auf deinem Blog.

    Ganz liebe Grüße von Jutta aus der Kleinen Lotta !!!

  2. Hoi Jutta!
    Ganz lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar, das freut mich sehr! :-) Und es ist so gut zu hören, dass ihr mit dem Parkett zufrieden seid, wir finden den Muster den wir bekommen haben einfach so toll zum Schauen und zum Berühren...obwohl muss man schon zugeben, das Eiche gebürstet ist etwas resistenter (wir haben einige Tests wie z.B. Wein, Essig, Schraubenzieher… durchgeführt ;-) ) Aber das London fühlt sich einfach angenehmer an! :P

    Und es ist natürlich mehr als in Ordnung wenn du auf Deutsch schreibst!! Ich schreibe auf English weil unsere Familie und Freundeskreis über unterschiedliche Länder und Sprachen verteilt ist, und das heisst: jeder dieser Sprachen ist auf dem Blog herzlich willkommen!!!! :-)

    Ganz liebe Grüsse und bis bald!