martedì 17 febbraio 2015


Dear Reader,

have you ever had a dream, in which you knew you had to complete a task, like doing something or going somewhere, and you tried and tried and tried... but every time something came in the way, every step a new obstacle arose, so that no matter what you tried, no matter the effort, the completion of the task never got closer...??? Well, that's how the past few months felt for us. A mountain of planning, organizing, waiting, finding new solutions, replanning, reorganizing, waiting again...!! Ugh!

After what seemed one-and-a-half eternity, we managed to submit the request for the construction permit at the beginning of February (vielen Dank Herr Alfons und Frank!!) and are now waiting for the response. This also meant that finally a first change could be seen on the land:

Isn't that be-au-ti-ful???? :-) My soul mate and I, we were SO excited when we first saw the rods!!! For the first time we could actually 'see' the house. It's still a bit thin and airy, I admit, but I already love it!!

Thennn, while waiting for the construction permit to come, we're dealing with a few hundreds other documents, contracts, certificates, offers, etc.etc. that need to be prepared before we can start anything. Lesson learnt: Building a house requires an enormous amount of paperwork and admin skills. And to get everything done (in the right order!) some strategic skills (e.g., chess experience) would surely help!

However we have to be confident that, once the process is started, all pieces with fall in the right place (sooner or later...). And so we move one, tiny piece of paper after tiny piece of paper.

Tomorrow one first cool deadline: we're going to choose a few pieces for the house: floor, doors, windows, stairs... Bemusterung-time!! Yaaaaaay!! :-) so stay tuned, some updates coming soon!

Till then, take care.

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