domenica 28 febbraio 2016

Longing for Spring...

Dear Reader

here I am again with a quick update from the Waldhus. We're enjoying our first Winter at home,  furnishing and shaping the house with a slow pace and relaxed mood ;-) (I'll show you a few pictures in the next post). With the crazy up & downs of weather and temperature of the past weeks however we started yearning for the new Season and the promise of the garden to come: this will be one more exciting adventure this year! :-)

So, although the weather outside still looks very wintery, we started the first preparation works for our future little garden. Our ideal garden - as we dream it now - should be colorful, eventful, with a spicy natural charm and easy-care ;-) something on these lines:

There is still a long way to get there, right now our garden looks like a bleak mud puddle, with no life whatsoever, not even a single worm in it (not surprising after we scooped and moved around tons and tons of soil to build the cellar) !!

So, this year is first lab time: experimenting with seeds and plants, getting acquainted with our land and preparing it for the years to come. Since we cannot do anything right now outside, we started by pre-preparing some seedbeds:

Here some to-be sage, lavender, and sweet alyssum,

...parsley and basil...

(here with the first parsley-like tiny leaf!!! can you spot it??)

...and of course my beloved rosemary :-) Together with sage, parsley, basil, and garlic it builds the essentials of any italian home!!

In addition, I found some nice willow catkins at a florist this week... and I couldn't resist!! They had to come home with me for my first attempt at a willow catkin door wreath  ;-) I didn't really have an idea how to proceed, but it was fun to try to sort out those tiny furried twigs! Unfortunately it was night already and the pictures got a bit blurred:

Here the final result, ready to welcome our guests and us home :-)

As you see reflected in the picture above, we still have some snow in the garden. Days are getting longer though, and we are experiencing some lovely icy sunsets blessed with the promise of a soon-to-come Spring...

Wish you all a lovely time, be it with snow, fog, or (hopefully not too much) rain. 
The next post will bring some inside pictures of the Waldhus.
Till then, take care,

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